Commercial Cleaning

Expert Care & Maintenance for Your Property

Commercial spaces have unique cleaning needs and often require frequent maintenance to prevent wear and tear and ensure your space is clean and healthy. But that doesn’t mean that commercial cleaning should be a hassle.

At Lewis Cleaners, our professional team can help you develop a custom maintenance schedule that suits your property’s needs and your budget. We offer a wide range of services and convenient scheduling for hassle-free commercial cleaning services. 

Deep, No-Residue Cleaning​

All soiling is thoroughly removed by our expert cleaning equipment, manned by a responsible and professional technician.

Fast Drying​

We provide fast-drying carpet cleaning to avoid carpet delamination, slippery footing, new soil buildup, and bad odors.​

Expert Care

You know you are getting the best because we have invested our time into learning correct procedures and guidelines to perform the best service possible.​

Safe & Eco-Friendly Solutions​

We use environmentally-safe products that enhance the health and beauty of your property by removing not only objectionable general soiling, but also harmful bacteria and fungi.

Custom Commercial Cleaning Packages

Hassle-Free Solutions Designed Specifically For Your Property

Depending on the size and use of your commercial space, professional floor maintenance may be necessary every couple of months at regular intervals to maintain a clean appearance and protect the floors from unnecessary wear and tear. You may have various types of flooring each requiring different cleaning methods, but you do not need to hire multiple companies. 

Lewis Cleaners offers a broad spectrum of floor cleaning services and we are capable of cleaning all types of floors including carpeting, hardwood, natural stone, tile, vinyl, and laminate. We also offer expert upholstery cleaning and can clean office furniture, cubicles, draperies, and more. 

Call us today to learn more and get a custom cleaning maintenance plan for your property. 

Your Business Deserves Expert Cleaning

Local, Dependable Service From Skilled Experts

Lewis Cleaners is a local, family-owned business that has been a trusted carpet cleaning provider since 1985. When you choose Lewis Cleaners, you are making the decision to invest in the apperance and health of your commercial property. 

We strive to provide first-class service and exceptional results for our customers. With an impeccable attention to detail and friendly, punctual service, we are a company you can rely on for many years to come. Just give us a call and see for yourself the difference we can make for your commercial property.