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What is soap-free Procyon ®Rx?

Soap-free Procyon ®Rx is the most advanced carpet and upholstery cleaner in our industry today and is the ultimate in cleaning performance. Soap Free Procyon ®Rx is a powerful, non-detergent, water soluble degreaser. Formulated with a soft water conditioner that will leave your carpets and upholstery softer and brighter. Soap Free Procyon ®Rx is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, totally sudsless, leaves no soapy, sticky residue and no rinsing is ever necessary. 

Advantages… Soap Free Procyon ®Rx is designed with a water softening agent to penetrate and dissolve the toughest grease, protein, dirt and oil stains fast! Soap Free Procyon ®Rx will replace practically all of your specialized cleaners. Soap Free Procyon ®Rx will actually keep your carpet cleaner longer because there is no soapy sticky residue left in your carpets for dirt to stick to. Soap Free Procyon ®Rx is environmentally safe and in this day and age that’s something that is a concern to all of us.

Facts… Soap Free Procyon ®Rx has been used to clean the Statue of Liberty, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, the White House, Air Force One, the Tennessee Aquarium, the Environmental Protection Agency, Hospitals, Allergenic Clinics, Schools, Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, and more.

A dream come true… Have you ever wished for a product that would satisfy your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs? Soap Free Procyon ®Rx is the answer to your dreams. The ultimate in cleaning power! Soap Free Procyon ®Rx is approved for the new generation stain-resistant carpets. These carpets need an advanced cleaning product. Soap Free Procyon ®Rx is that product and meets all the guaranteed requirements for the care and cleaning of the stain-resistant carpet.

And we are now offering Procyon ®Rx Stain and Spot Remover! Great for fast, easy clean-up on those times when you need to just clean a spot or two.

Procyon ®Rx has many other uses. You can use Soap Free Procyon ®Rx to clean any hard surfaces such as walls, woodwork, and concrete. Procyon ®Rx works great in the bathroom or kitchen for tile, grout, fixtures, and any greasy surfaces, and will even strip wax. It will clean smoke damage around your fireplace. Use Soap Free Procyon ®Rx for washing your car or boat inside and out!