Vinyl & Laminate Floor Cleaning

Professional Cleaning for Vinyl & Laminate Floors

Cleaning your floors is always a chore. While vinyl and laminate floors are fairly low-maintenance, they do become soiled and can benefit from a professional cleaning. Newer types of vinyl flooring have texture and grooves to look like wood, stone, or tile, making them more difficult to keep clean. 

When it comes to cleaning vinyl or laminate floors, you need to make sure you’re using the correct cleaning products and methods to protect the material and finish of the flooring. At Lewis Cleaners, we have decades of experience cleaning floors and we can help you clean your vinyl and laminate floors – just give us a call today!

Deep, No-Residue Cleaning​

All soiling is thoroughly removed by our expert cleaning equipment, manned by a responsible and professional technician.

Fast Drying​

You'll be able to use your floors in no time thanks to our powerful extraction equipment. If needed, fans may also be used to expedite drying.

Expert Care

Vinyl and laminate floors have evolved a lot since we started cleaning floors in 1985. We can clean all types of floors!

Professional Results

Your floors will look great and completely revitalized. See how beautiful your floors look after they are cleaned professionally!

Specialized Care for Your Floors

Rely On Our Experience and Expertise to Clean Your Vinyl & Laminate Floors

Our professionals are trained in distinguishing the difference between flooring types, ensuring the proper cleaning method is used for your specific type of floor. Using the right cleaning supplies and cleaning tools, we are able to protect your flooring from damage and minimize the appearance of scratches, scuffs, or discoloration.

Vinyl and laminate floors can look very similar, but a key distinction is that vinyl floors are usually waterproof, but laminate floors should not be wet-mopped. Excessive moisture can cause laminate floors to de-laminate, resulting in permanent damage to the floor. We’ll only use appropriate methods to clean your floor, ensuring the best results for your flooring type. 

You Deserve Beautiful Vinyl & Laminate Floors

Local, Dependable Service From Skilled Experts

Here at Lewis Cleaners, a local, family-owned business with over 3 decades of experience, we pride ourselves on having the skills and expertise on knowing how to effectively, properly, and efficiently clean vinyl and laminate flooring.

Our team of experts has been trained in knowing which products are safe to use and which techniques work best for your floors, ensuring quality results. 

We believe in building trust and giving each of our customers high-quality service. Rely on Lewis Cleaners for all your cleaning and floor care needs. Call us today!