April 07, 2020
RE: Local Business will stay open for cleaning and volunteer work

Thank you for being a loyal client and for supporting our family owned business over the years! During this COVID-19 outbreak, we know it is a tough, difficult and frightening time right now , and we want to give back to our loyal clients. Feel free to forward our
email to other members in case they need the help.

We have a supply of bath tissue paper and Nitrile gloves in our warehouse that we would like to share with you if you are in need
(limit 4, while supplies last). We also have hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes available to share. We will be happy to deliver to those at risk or just afraid to go out during this viral outbreak.

This is having a dramatic impact on our lives, businesses, and on supply chains, so we want to share what Lewis Carpet Cleaners is going to do to keep our clients safe, while continuing to stay open as an essential business. Businesses have stopped or slowed down for most industries. Instead of laying off some staff members we will be ON CALL for cleaning and offering SAFE volunteer work in our community. We are calling our elderly clients that may be isolated and removed from society and offering companionship. We are offering our sanitizing thermo fog treatment FREE to any of our clients or Community members that are in the Medical field.This will be a great way to protect those that are on the front line, in harms way. Here are some of the steps we are taking and implementing in our cleaning process for our residential and commercial clients.

* Using new gloves, 3M N95 respirator masks and booties for every service

* Most Office members will be working from home

* Accepting payments over the phone

* Calling on arrival so you can help us in keeping social distance for our residential and commercial clients, we are
recommending that after our consultation, you take the time to go for a walk or enjoy some time in the outdoors while we
clean and sanitize your home or office. Most of our Commercial accounts are business as usual, as we have
keys or access codes to clean as usual.

*Before every service, we will wipe and disinfect all our equipment, hoses, corner guards and anything we bring into your
home or office

*Easy communication via phone, email or text

*We are offering cleaning and sanitizing of your Marine vessels and vehicle interiors onsite.

*We are offering FREE area rug pick up until the end of shelter at home. A lot of our clients enjoyed dropping off area rugs at
our cleaning plant for the nice discount we offer, To eliminate social contact,we will NO LONGER accept rugs at the office or
cleaning plant. So take advantage of the FREE pick up and still get the discount rate.

* If you or someone close to you has been sick in the past two weeks,