Water Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

Are you suffering due to water damage of your property? Take help of a proficient profession of Lewis Cleaners.Currently in the US, most properties are damaged due to flooding or other sorts of water related issues. Any sort of water damage results in loss of whopping amount of money. Most people think that damage of property only occurs due to hurricane, overflow of river and other serious issues. Although hurricane or flood seems to be quite devastating they are not considered to be most common causes of property damage. Leaky water pipes, broken water pump or damaged drain lines often lead to flooding condition inside your home or your office premise. In addition, damaged water heaters, washing machines and dishwashers often lead to damage of properties. All these factors call for proper understanding as well as immediate handling of the situation.

The following are the common types of water damage that occur in the building or in commercial property:

  • Quite often, water leakage occurs due to damage of water pipe, water heaters and other relevant devices.
  • Water contamination occurs due to leakage of ground water from broken sump pump. Plus, this type of contamination occurs due to broken bath tub or damaged washing machine. You may observe that water is slightly contaminated and growth of bacteria is also found in it. Although it does not pose immediate risk of health to pets or other human beings, it is expected that this type of problem should be rectified without any kind of delay.
  • When water is severely contaminated and when there is high level of growth of pathogen or bacteria, then this type of condition would often impose serious health hazard to pets as well as human beings. If water leakage is not rectified within one or two days, then it becomes quite difficult to handle. Severe water contamination occurs due to leakage of sewage pipes, sewer lines and dirt accumulation from rivers, ejector pits, ponds and so on.

How Do You Restore Water Damage?

When you hire Lewis Cleaners the first step that we evaluate is to find out the exact source of water damage. The next step is to choose proper equipment as well as right procedures that are involved for this purpose. Multiple dehumidifiers, high quality blowers, air injection devices, equipment for disinfecting or sanitizing are used for water damage recover and restoration.

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Water Restoration Brochure