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Area Rug Cleaning in Redwood City

Whatever type of area rugs you own, you’ll find the rug cleaning experts at Lewis Cleaners Cleaning, Inc. to be fully qualified to handle your job. From Persian to Oriental and from handmade antique and heirloom gems to newer hand- and machine-made styles, your area rugs will be handled by our experienced technicians with the utmost care and skill. The professional area rug cleaning and other closely related services we offer at Lewis Cleaners have been carefully developed to keep all your area rugs in top-notch condition, making them not only look better but last longer.

How to Care For Your Wool and Fine Rugs

Learn how to keep your fine rugs looking beautiful for a lifetime. Dear Friends, This guide is made up of 30 years of rug cleaning experience. I hope this guide helps you make your fine rugs last a lifetime.

4 Basic Steps For Spot Removal on Rugs

  1. First, soak up the excess liquid spill by blotting with an absorbent cloth or extracting with a wet vac or Bissell type slot machine. DO NOT brush or rub the stain.
  2. Use the right spotter (see spotting agents). Don’t use too much spotter. Using an inappropriate chemical may ruin your rug. Pre-test the spotter.
  3. Rinse area with diluted vinegar and water solution. Pour a small amount.
  4. Blot the area dry until most of the moisture is absorbed or extract the excess moisture with a wet vac.

Disclaimer: Use the techniques in this brochure at your own risk. Be aware that rugs can easily be ruined. Pre-test each solution in an inconspicuous area before using. If you are uncomfortable about these techniques, call a professional.

Understanding Wool

Your wool rugs can indeed last a lifetime. We have cleaned many oriental rugs well over 100 years old. These rugs are passed down from generations. Wool is very durable and cleans well if cleaned often. This is much in part because it is a natural fiber.


Spots and spills must be removed immediately. Since wool is a natural fiber, it may stain easily. If you cannot remove the stain, call a professional. As well, wool rugs should be cleaned on a regular basis BEFORE they appear soiled. The lesson here is with frequent, regular cleaning, wool carpets are easy to maintain but if allowed to accumulate soil, they are indeed difficult to clean. Avoid bleaches and strong chemicals. Bleach will actually dissolve wool.

Specialty Fabrics in Rugs

Silk is a rare fiber that adds a unique texture and appearance to some rugs. The same rules apply to silk as wool. Extra caution should be taken with silk. Silk should not be allowed to get wet. Shrinkage and bleeding are very likely. Cotton rugs respond in a similar manner as wool. Sisal, grass and hemp rugs should not get wet. Avoid liquid spills as well as liquid spotting agents.

Identify Handmade Rugs

To see if your rug is a handmade rug, turn the corner over to look at the backing. If the back mimics the pattern of the front fibers and the fringe appears to be an extension of the yarns within the rug (not sewn on), it’s likely handmade.


Rugs need to be vacuumed a minimum of once per week. Dry soil will cause your fine rugs to deteriorate. Use a vacuum with a beater bar if possible. Delicate rugs may need to be vacuumed without a beater bar.


The proper padding can protect your rug from dirt and slippage. Contact us for locations to purchase this padding.

Spot Removal

Use the following materials and spotters: Mix 1 part white vinegar to 4 parts water, apply to an absorbent white cloth and blot stain if you are a repeat client use our spot remover that we left. You may also apply rubbing alcohol to a white cloth and blot out oily stains.

CAUTION: Some rugs can be permanently damaged by spotters. Pre-test each product

Pre-test Instructions

Pre-test any spotting agent by applying the spot treatment to an inconspicuous area. Gently agitate the tested area with a white cloth. Allow the agent to dwell in the fiber until it is dry. If bleeding or shrinkage occurs, do not continue.

3 Tips for Better Spot Removal

  1. Remove it NOW. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to remove. If you can not remove the stain, call a professional right away.
  2. DO NOT USE Resolve or other high residue products on your area rugs. Use a neutral ph spotting agent that is made for wool. Call us for purchase information.
  3. Use as little moisture as possible with silk, sisal, cotton, and grass rugs. For these, apply a spotter to a cloth and gently dab the stain.

For General Spills and Spots

Use a neutral ph or mild detergent suitable for wool. Spray a small amount or apply the spotter to a cloth and gently dab the stain. For Oil or Grease Based Spots Apply rubbing alcohol to a cloth and gently blot. Also, try spraying hairspray directly on the spot and brushing lightly with a cloth saturated in water and vinegar solution. View more tips at our website:

Professional Care For Your Fine Rugs

Depending on the amount of use, rugs should be cleaned at least every 1-3 years. Some rugs we can clean on your location, or we can pick them up to be cleaned at our shop (in-house).

Our In-house Rug Cleaning Procedure:

  1. Dye testing. We’ll pre-test the area for colorfastness to determine if it can be wet or dry cleaned.
  2. Dry soil removal. We use a combination of professional techniques to remove dry soil from your rug while using the utmost care for fragile rugs.
  3. Soil suspension. The rug will be sprayed in a neutral ph cleaning bath. Gentle shampoo machines are used to agitate the soil loose.
  4. Extraction of soils. The rug will be gently extracted in the cleaning bath.
  5. Fast drying. The rug is hung on a rack to dry with turbo air movers.

Our On-site Rug Cleaning Procedure:

Some rugs can be cleaned at your location. The rug is cleaned with warm water from our truck mounted machine. On-site cleaning is less costly and should be performed for spot removal and minor soil removal.

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Area Rug Brochure

Area Rug Brochure